Www dating forparents

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My mom, all-star teacher that she is, favored the name Ashton, after one of her fourth-grade students.Below are some suggestions for talking with your teen or ‘tween about dating abuse: Don’t lecture – listen with attention and without judgment. Just make sure you keep trying and that they know you’re there for them. Focus on the dialogue with your teen, don’t multi-task during these important conversations. Use a situation in a movie you are watching together, or lyrics in a song you both heard to start talking about healthy vs. Talk about teen dating violence often – one conversation isn’t enough. RESOURCES FOR PARENTS: Break the Cycle – Love is Not Abuse Love is Respect CDC – Intimate Partner Violence What is Dating Violence? RED FLAGS Extreme jealousy Quick involvement – Getting too close too soon Controlling behaviors, such as telling her/him what to wear, who to talk to, etc. Isolates him/her from friends and family Explosive anger Uses force during an argument Believes in rigid gender roles Blames others for his/her problems or feelings Threatens violence Abused former partners Demands to know where he/she is at all times Signs that your teen or ‘tween may be experiencing abuse: “I’m there for you at all times” is a commitment to being available, being open and accepting and listening to your teen or ‘tween. It’s never too early to get creative in how you communicate with your teen.

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