Who is siddharth mallya dating

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According to a scoop on Spotboye.com, the actress has also been frequently spotted at Siddharth Mallya’s Goa residence.

Since these images are leaked, people are speculating if the much talked about relationship between Freida and Dev has gone kaput.Well looks like Dippy will be having a lot of questions coming her way now that her former lover Siddharth Mallya has spilled the beans!Vijay Mallya’s legal heir has finally admitted that he was in a relationship with the actress.Sid Mallya (name changed from Siddharth Mallya to Sid Mallya), son of Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya was romantically linked with Deepika Padukone few years back.Though the couple never made their relationship public, in various occasions they were spotted together.

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