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The 2-hour-plus seminar consists of tips for texting and Facebook, dating after divorce, makeovers, success stories, Rules and non-Rules celebrity relationships, Q&A, and much more.

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E-mail us at [email protected] place your order by credit card or Paypal today!It’s rude, and frankly, that kind of behavior will end up giving you a sh*t reputation with other potential dates. Most of us just find a person who’s late to be selfish.If you have any respect for the other person, or if you want to avoid bad times in the future, don’t ghost. Who wants to blow a good 15 minutes to half an hour waiting for someone, anyway? Most would feel safe to say that if a guy is sending you a d*ck pic, he’s probably not looking for Ms. Unless you’re looking for a fling with a jackass, just pass. Nowadays, the most common way to show disinterest is not replying.However, while there’s a lot more flexibility in the romance world these days, there are still certain rules that need to be followed.In order to clear up the air, yours truly decided to share 15 rules that are unwritten but still widely used (and for good reason). Ghosting after dating, or even worse, ditching mid-date, is the most disrespectful thing you can do. The days when being “fashionably late” was cool are long, long gone.

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