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You never know who is texting you, or who you are texting – so treat it with extreme caution.One of the more recent scourges coming over SMS are i Cloud scams.In short, u Know Kids will help you focus on the most important status updates, posts, comments, photos, and direct messages, so that you can step in as a parent when necessary.Intervene before your child shares photos that might cause long-term damage to their identity and reputation.The project uses a medium that is ubiquitous in the life of British teenagers – SMS.Blast Theory’s research with teenagers has shown that the majority have pay-as-you-go or prepay tariffs that offer large bundles of SMS messages each month, making messages much more affordable than even a short phone call.Back when i OS 7 was the new kid on the block, we discovered a trick that let you search texts for old photos and videos sent between your contacts. Instead of scrolling through your message history, just go to a text conversation, hit the little "i" at the top right of the contact name, and you'll see all the attachments you've ever sent to and from that person. The next text message you receive could ruin your life.

The u Know Kids dashboard allows you to quickly review photos and focus in on the images that need your parenting attention.

While some social networks are monitored carefully and have taken precautions to stop adult predators and cyberbullying (We love you Club Penguin!

), others are more open and susceptible to cyber risks.

Ivy’s life is parallel to yours: she sends boozy updates late on Saturday night and sarcastic chat on a boring Sunday afternoon.

And if you send her messages she will chat with you about sex, music and everything else that really matters to a teenager growing up in Britain today.

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