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Now as you can see i got Justin Bieber as my cam for skype and we done creating our fake video.4- ADDING A FAKE VOICE TO TALKThe process is almost the same as the 3rd process, first download morphvox What is morphvox?Morph VOX Pro is a program that turns your voice into whatever you desire, be it a terrible monster or a young you done with the installation go again to your skype and go to preferences---- you can open and explore it, choose the voice you want to use for your talks on skype.5-Sending our backdoor Go back to skype and make a video-call your victim, once the victim accepts it he/she will see your fake video and listen to your fake voice.Now be creative(good social engineering to get info about what os and service the target i srunning in order to send the right virus) then send your backdoor via skype as people will trust you more when they think they can see you through skype.helps you to find online Skype ™ users all over the world and add them as Skype contacts.During the online chat session, she enticed each of them into performing an indecent act, … Some of them put a good amount of effort in on dating sites to come across as a good UK citizen only to have their skype location as Lagos when they want to chat...Come on - it's the detail that counts in this small and mostly pointless exercise of trying to catch out desperate westerners...All our connected users are really online now, and they are waiting for new contacts.You stay anonymous and your Skype name is never revealed until you accept request from other members.

I was really hurt because without knowing it I had given him my heart. Of course everybody was trying to talk me out of it.

North Yorkshire police have issued a general warning after three men in the York area fell victim to sextortionists.

Someone posing as a woman called Cathy Wong befriended each of the victims on Facebook before asking them to Skype her. Yeh 'cause they always have a handy stash of £3k under the sofa to pay off dodgy blackmail fees...

We kept it on imvu mostly but we did eventually exchange skype info.

We never cammed, but we did voice chat a few times and I fell in love with him. And for me, thats a funny thing because I was always one of those people who thought marriage and kids was a silly thing to do on imvu (I was mostly there for djing until I met him).

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