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This is circulating Fb locally as Dog Lake, On is is a popular resort and fishing area plus it’s only about 20 Kms from my home.

I didn’t hear anything about it elsewhere and this site looks like a parody similar to The Onion. A man from Michigan is in a critical condition after suffering a savage attack from a large moose, while hunting in Canada.

Binks encountered Jedi Master Jard Dooku and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi in the forests and offered to bring them to Otoh Gunga for safety, provided that they helped him gain favor with the Gungans so he would be accepted back into the city.

The three were arrested upon entry into the city and taken before the Gungan High Council.

Jar Binks was an Otolla Gungan and the exiled Crowned Prince of the Gungan Empire during the Invasion of Utapau.

He decided to leave the group and head back to their cabin, three miles away, to change his clothes.While the poor man was lying on his knees, defenseless, the powerful animal began rubbing his massive genitals all over him, mimicking sexual intercourse.The claim sounded completely implausible, which is fitting because WNDR is solely a purveyor of fake news items.During this time, Binks’s father died and it was decided that Binks was too young to take the throne, so he was replaced as leader of the Gungans by Rugor Nass.The assignment to guard the relic, which was his duty as the Crowned Prince, eventually led to his exile, as a female colleague named Scortora distracted Binks and allowed the Utapau government to steal the relic.

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