Oasis gay dating

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It has four main sections “Activity”, “Matches”, “Requests” and “Contacts”.Another nice feature of the app is that you can see if another member is currently online or not.

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The description of the Oasis dating app on the i Tunes app review page claims that it is “the most innovative way to meet people online”.

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”)Since previous cannabis finds in Turpan burials consisted only of plant parts, it has been difficult for researchers to determine whether the plant was grown locally or obtained through trade with neighboring regions.

Archaeologists are hailing the discovery of an “extraordinary cache” of cannabis found in an ancient burial in northwest China, saying that the unique find adds considerably to our understanding of how ancient Eurasian cultures used the plant for ritual and medicinal purposes., archaeologist Hongen Jiang and his colleagues describe the burial of an approximately 35-year-old adult man with Caucasian features in China’s Turpan Basin.

The man had been laid out on a wooden bed with a reed pillow beneath his head.

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