Is hilary swank dating anyone

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Hilary Swank, her dog Kai at her feet, is having lunch at an outside table at Barbuto, a carefully casual Italian restaurant on Washington Street in New York City’s West Village.

It’s a risky seating choice for an actress who generally keeps a low profile, but Swank has a pair of new movies to promote—You’re Not You and The Homesman—even if she doesn’t intend to allot a great deal of time to this interview. “Because you know this isn’t a cover.” In other words, the focus and commitment that the double-Oscar-winning actress brings to her work also comes into play in her media relations. Part of the reason could be she’s waiting for her car, which is late.

“You punch, you kick, you also learn how to get out of a choke hold. All of this might sound like excellent training for another of Swank’s highly physical film roles, but her next project is about loving, not fighting. Soon thereafter, Holly starts receiving a mysterious series of letters that her husband wrote to her before his death—letters encouraging her to find a new life and, presumably, a new love. “Someone who saw it said to me that it’s one of those movies where you laugh through your tears.”The film is directed by Richard La Gravenese, who directed Swank in last year’s , Richard kept saying to me, ‘You gotta do something romantic and funny.

Titled , it marks the actress’s first attempt at romantic comedy. I just loved it,” says Swank, who has an effusive, Rachael Ray way of speaking. Gina Gershon and Lisa Kudrow play her two wisecracking best friends, and Harry Connick Jr. There’s a whole side of you people haven’t seen,’” Swank says.

In early 2006, Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe split up after ten years of marriage. Around the same time (mid-2006), Hilary gave a somewhat infamous Vanity Fair interview in which she publicly called out Chad Lowe for his addiction issues.

There was some back and forth for a few months when it looked like they might get back together, but then Hilary started being seen around LA with a “mystery man”. Some people thought Hilary was being plainspoken and direct.

She talked about her relationship with Campisi’s son at several interviews over the years, and she even discussed walking around naked in front of the kid.But even if this is take 50 for lines like, “I love people. I love how we all have our own unique stories,” she utters the words as though for the first time.Depending on your point of view, this is an actress who has a script and is sticking to it or someone who shows remarkable forbearance to the questions about her trailer park upbringing and her meteoric rise to fame in the late 1990s. There is someone I’ve been dating for a couple of years now.” Me: “He’s the Frenchman I read about?(It’s her second pastry of the morning.) “Exercise is also really important to me. I would rather sleep six hours and get an hour workout than sleep seven hours.” Twice a week she lifts weights.Other days she hikes, does Power Pilates or practices Krav Maga, an Israeli hand-to-hand self-defense technique she’s lately become obsessed with. Swank plays Holly, a thirtysomething New Yorker whose charismatic Irish husband (Gerard Butler, wearing an excess of leather jewelry) dies young.

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