Cuban dating customs

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There are so many incredibly hot Cuban women just across the Florida Strait from Key West, only about ninety miles, but you can't touch them. For Americans, the gorgeous Cuban women for marriage might as well be nine thousand miles away instead of ninety, because of restrictions on visiting the island.

Although it’s all said in good fun, expect some blows to his, or her, ego.So, in order to prevent an uncomfortable situation, I’ve provided a list of basic guidelines below for you and your suitor to follow. He needs to have his shit together and a secure career to bring home the bacon, LITERALLY. Buena Gente -Translated, this means “good people,” which in Spanish means he or she comes from a good family.The Cuban Dating Guidelines, Rules and Regulations: I. -This will come out of Mami and/or Papi’s mouths if you bring home someone who isn’t Cuban and I can’t even guarantee it won’t be within the man’s earshot. I won’t say it is impossible for some Cuban parents to overlook a suitor’s non-Cuban heritage as long as he is of some Hispanic culture, but I, personally, wouldn’t take that risk. If he/she comes from a good family, he/she will be a good family man/woman according to Mami and Papi.Remnants of the past still manage to linger, though.Headwear is one example: Panama hats and Spanish sombreros are popular head gear, but so are baseball caps (baseball, the great American pastime, is still a hugely popular sport in Cuba).

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