Couchsurfing is not a dating website

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It frustrates me as to what the platform has become for some people and I must stress that Couch Surfing is all about connecting fellow travelers with likeminded people – people who enjoys learning about culture, traditions, food, and getting to know the locals!

In Europe Couch Surfing became huge because of the costly hostels and hotels and as well as years passed, travellers and tourists are becoming more interested in cultures and local living when they visit new places hence Couchsurfing becoming a huge success in Europe because you get to live with a local who can show you around or tell you what most locals do in one certain place.

In this post I’m going to discuss the ins and outs of couchsurfing.

We will look at Why I think every traveler should couchsurf, How to couchsurf when you’re traveling and how to Host when you’re at home.

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We weren’t sure where to stay, and our budgets weren’t much as he was a student and I was planning a three-month long trip (it was awesome and I survived several long flights), and my budget was meant to last till I come back home.

Peer-to-peer travel: It’s a growing movement made possible by the Internet.

Recently, we wrote about (click here to read that).

Like Airbnb (click here to read about Airbnb on Senior Planet), Couchsurfing is a peer-to-peer accommodations site; it is set up to let potential hosts and guests connect with one another and organize stays.

But unlike Airbnb, which is all about rental, Couchsurfing is free. Don’t have a couch, spare room or air mattress to share?

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