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Over the years Mount Panorama has claimed the lives of some of its visiting racers.

Mount Panorama is the premier motor racing circuit in Australia.

Following the successful Blaxland, Lawson, and Wentworth expedition to find a route through the "impenetrable" Blue Mountains in 1813, this allowed the colony to expand onto the vast fertile plains of the west.

Settlement of the new land was initially slow, but following a change of government, Governor Thomas Brisbane came to power allowing a flood of land grants to the west of the Blue Mountains.

Alteration zones marginal to the sharp contacts of the dikes with the wallrocks indicate the magma was still hot when injected.

Abundant U radiohalos are also present in biotite flakes within some samples of the dikes that cut across the Bathurst Granite or the Evans Crown dike.

WITH time running out to have your say on the future uses of Centennial Park, its supporters are urging people to get involved.

A pattern in the Centennial Park news stories over the years has been support for protecting it as a large open space, in keeping with the original vision for the park. In some lights, and from different viewpoints, Centennial Park is the site of stunning beauty, and sometimes it appears worn and dry.From here they saw a vast expanse of forest and grass in which Blaxland wrote was rich enough "to support the stock of the colony for the next thirty years".Local volunteer groups said they were disappointed by the destruction as they were almost finished restoring the old graves, which date back as far as 1846, in time for the Bathurst bicentenary celebrations next year.Attempts to cross the Blue Mountains had been made from 1790 onwards with convicts seeking a way to escape and adventurers eager to explore the region.However, all of these attempts failed and it was to be over 20 years before a way across was found.

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